My name is Pablo Zuniga and I am the manager of a small apartment building, so my work can often be quite sedentary. I’ve been overweight for the better part of 30 years. Not morbidly obese but definitely having some serious weight issues. I’m going on 54 years old so when my little sis says let’s go for a check-up I was like “Ok I’m probably overdue.”During my physical evaluation, the nurse suggested I give a weight loss program a shot, she said it would be very beneficial to my health and not very difficult. Well I left the clinic with the diet plan in hand and headed straight to NORM’S for breakfast and chased it down with BK Whoppers 2/$10. Well that’s when I got to thinking, maybe I’ll just go ahead with the program even though I’m not the enthusiastic type when it comes to diets. I don’t even like the word diet. It has the word “die “in it.

Well 5 months and more than 50 lbs. later I’m so happy I gave Dr. Vash’s program a chance. I owe it all to the good doctor and his wonderful staff, very professional yet at the same time very personal.  With the help of their Sotari drink I did not experience any cravings or low energy. I also took Dr. Vash’s Lipoblok and that helped me loose fat and inches around my waist and hips, and it also helped to reduce my appetite for sweets. I’m also very happy that I didn’t have to use any diet pills to lose my weight.  The pounds literally fell off without me feeling deprived. I would recommend the weight loss program under the supervision of Dr. Vash & staff and their Sotari and Lipoblok products to anyone struggling with weight issues.

Looking back now I am so glad that I took this diet seriously and gave myself a chance to drastically change my everyday life for the better where I can feel the difference in my body literally being free of all that extra pressure it was carrying for all these years. I would like to once again thank Dr. Vash & his wonderful staff for making this life changing experience known of & possible to me and for being so professionally there for me through the whole time as I undertook this weight loss program. -Pablo Zpablo z


-Thanks to my amazing Family Genes I’m a Natural Thick guy that gains weight with anything and get bloated quickly.I tried everything to loose the pounds. NOTHING Helps me. Until I found this place on my way to work. Not only are they professional, but clean and friendly. Thanks  to Julie and Vilms for always making me feel like family since I first walked in. I went from 240lbs to 170lbs with their Guide and Help.  Nutrition plans that made it easy for me to loose 5-7 pounds a week.  Life has never felt better. From XXL to Small-Medium. Everything fits and my energy lever is always High. Thanks Girls Julie and Vilms for all your help and Tips. I’m a New Guyy



I have been a patient/member of Century City Medical Weight-loss over the course of the past 6 years. I did the program once, before I had my son, and was able to achieve my dream body with their program and support. After having my son ( I gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy) and upon completing breastfeeding, I was still carrying an extra 35 pounds. I was able to bounce right back. Having to weigh in weekly, share my goals, remember to drink plenty of water and follow the plan was I knew an effective way to get my body back. The support at CCMWL is amazing. I just love the staff and the program.For me it has become a way of life. It’s how I eat and live now. And for those holidays/parties where I splurge and indulge, I always return to the program the next day, knowing that I will feel great.

 I could not recommend this program more, as it will teach you how to eat, what portions really should look like, and what it is to live and maintain a healthy body. Today I feel strong, confident and healthy. I know I am a good role model of a healthy balanced lifestyle for my son. Thank you!!

 Before (Post Baby) after 😦 best body!)

Lost over 35 pounds !



Century City Medical Weight Loss and it’s staff has given me a completely new lease on life. So far I’ve lost 45 pounds sticking to their program and still going! The program is very easy to follow and actually works. Can’t thank them enough for getting me going on a new healthier me (yes I know how cliche that sounds but it’s true). Take the plunge, get here!